My kids birthday parties

This weekend we had a party for the kiddies. We had Aston turning one (on the 6th of Sep) and Maia’s birthday is later in the month so we had a family party, she is also having a party with her friends closer to her birthday.

When I do parties I do them refined sugar free but I still totally want ‘party’ food there so this year I tried even harder and got experimenting before the party and especially because all the food at this weekends party was a trail for Maias friends party.
I really want kids (and adults) to love the food they are eatting at my house, It may be different to what they are use to but I still want it to be yum and enjoyed.

I also got, which isn’t pictured on the table, my butcher to make me some cocktail sized sausages which disappeared so fast it was crazy. I did up a cheese platter and a couple of bowls of chips. It didn’t take much effort to do everything, for Maias friends party there will be a couple of things different this one was mainly for Adults and about 6-8 kids.


So this year on the menu was
Raspberry Slice
Raspberry Slice

This recipe is from
I added 450grams of raspberry because it wasnt raspberry enough for me and I think the cashews in the raspberry mix needed to be blended until smooth before adding everything else. It also melted fairly quickly so might add some softened gelatin next time and see if I can make it more jelly like

Coconut Ice
Coconut Ice

Recipe from
I used fresh as freeze dried strawberry powder for the pink colour

Chocolate Crackle

Chocolate Crackle

This recipe is from
I have changed this recipe up a fair amount so this is how I made it

Cucumber rounds with cream cheese and hot smoked salmon


This is exactly what it says.
cream cheese and smoked salmon (hot smoked) mixed together and then spooned onto cucumber.

And the last but not least the cake………..Cake

This cake is from

The only thing I changed in this recipe was that I used brown rice syrup not maple
This particular cake has 3 different vegatables in it and everyone ate it and said it was nice. (i think its delicious so i don’t think they where just being polite…….)

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